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How to Choose an Exact Match .Com

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Today I will discuss why choose a .Com domain for your business and why an exact match .com before I get into that lets first chat about your Business Name and what it is and what it represent. It will clear your mind completely and help you make the best choice for you, your business and your future.

I share this information with you from the perspective that I perceive it as a Commercial Insurance Broker and Real Estate Agent who has helped thousands of Business Owners.

Your business name represents your vision, mission and values to the world, the extension you choose .Com .Net or .Org is the land you build on it is virtual property, the more TLD’s or extensions that are created the more valuable .Com Property becomes and every big business who did not own the .Com extension eventually did invest in their .Com at rather big numbers.

Your Business Name is your biggest sales person or representative because it is on all your emails, bill boards, online advertising campaigns, videos and press releases; it is the one name you continuously think of, you go to bed with it, you wake up with, you create products for it, you attract people to work with you on various levels and you attract buyers, you invest your life energy into it would you not want to do it on the best virtual property possible?

Your business name becomes the world you live in with its own characteristics and personality, the air you breathe because it is all you really think about with questions such as:

How can I improve on the delivery system?
How can I improve the buyer experience?
How can I improve on the quality of this or that product?
How can I make this a product that becomes a household name?

You will continuously search for ways to improve your business and products, which you either create or sell on behalf of other people; continuous improvement is part of human nature.

Your business name is also your gift to the world and your children. Every time you add value to your business the .Com of your business escalate in value whether you own it or not, wouldn’t it be wise to own it as soon as possible?

One and Two word .Coms that is easy to say and remember has value without any content, like a piece of beautiful land, waiting to be developed. Would it not be financially wise to find your perfect .com name first before you start building your empire?

Since you are going to invest your life and every possible thought into your business, would it not be wise to choose a trendy, exact match .Com name that sparks trendy ideas in your niche?

Since the search engines love .com domains and a huge part of your advertising budget will be invested in online advertising wouldn’t it be wise to choose a .com name that is true to your vision and mission statements, your company values and easy to remember that describe your product or service making it easy for your ideal client to remember and find your business through search engines?

Wouldn’t it be wise to be the trendsetter in your field of expertise and benefit from all your advertising investments in your field and other people’s because the search engines domains?

Wouldn’t it be wise that when Google has a mood swing and change the algorithms that your name will stay at the top because it is true to what you do and represent? Google does that and will continue to play that game because it is in Google’s best interest.

Trendy .Com domains at your Finger Tips
Trendy .Com domains at your Finger Tips

NameTru is a free online research tool helping you find trendy .com domains at discounted prices in almost any niche market with a secure payment plan via escrow helping you to own the best domain for you; vested in your prosperity and those you care for, helping to create a world in which everyone has the best opportunity to prosper by owning high valued virtual property with a .com extension.

Page by page, product for product, or idea for idea, one day at a time you are going to invest in your business, some of the work you will do yourself and you may outsource some of the work either to employees who can do it better than you or by finding another company who can do it better than you. Wouldn’t you want to own the best possible piece of property in your niche market, paying you for your hard work and daily investments?

Content and products are like laying bricks, building your castle, building your empire, building your dream house and every book you read on property will tell you to buy property in the best location before you start building; .com is the best location to build your empire on because it is perceived as prime property. Your content is the material you use for your castle and even with low quality content or no content your .com has value by its very nature.

Below is a list of .Com Domains that Sold without any Content.


May the above list of names inspire you make the best decision for you and your business empire. May you create a business for you and the world that you will love that will keep you focused through bad times and good times, often it is in the good times that people move their focus and things can go wrong, stay focused through it all and there will be no need to stay strong.

How to Choose your .Com Domain?
(grab a pen and paper go to a quiet place and . . . )

Answer the following questions in as much detail as possible to give you clarity about your product or service it will help you make the best choice; it is your lantern in the darkness of .Com Domains, it will serve as your inner Compass as you grow your online presence and make choices it will also serve as your WHY when you face inner or outer storms.

What is your Product about?
Who does it help?
What problem or problems does it solve?
What is your Vision for your company, for your product or service?
What is your Mission, why do you want to do this and not something else?
What is your product’s keyword, one name that will describe what you do?
What are your company’s minimum standards?
What colors will represent you in the Market place?
What is unique about your idea?
How will you present your product in a unique way?
What is unique about your service?
Why are you choosing this Niche?

With this information at hand go to and research trendy names in your niche, by entering your keyword into the search bar and hit enter, give the engine about ten seconds to find your exact match domain; make a list of ten or more domain names you like and test or value each name for its validity; asking yourself some of the following questions.

Is this name the perfect representative for my product or service?
Does this name represent the keyword I want to rank for?
Is this name true to my vision for my product or service?
Is the name true to my vision and mission statements?
Is it easy to say and remember?
How does it feel when I say it out loud?
Is it a name I can fall in love with?
Can I spend every waking hour with this name?
Can I go to bed with this name every night?

Once you own your . Com domain make use of a site like that let you create a free site or blog and once you are ready you can buy hosting and your hosting company will help you with the details of transferring your blog to the hosting company, but at least you own your virtual property, you own your domain and all your hard work will bring you tremendous gain. Now is also the perfect time to create all your social pages with your domain name building back links to help you gain authority.

Creating your own Wikipedia page for your company is something to consider, Wikipedia is a huge site with a lot of authority.

How to Recognize a Premium Domain with an Exact match .Com?

A premium domain consists of one or two words, has no numbers or dashes in it, is easy to say and remember, and represents your product or service. That is it and you must like it, if you have more questions comment and I will answer you.

Your .com Domain is the best investment you will ever make for you and your business. Your .com domain is a sincere and true friend who will reward you greatly for all the hard work and energy you invested in it.

If you need more information feel free to leave a comment. You may download all this information as a PDF document and my gift to you as a way of saying thank you for reading this information or watching this video and taking action, no need to provide your email for the download, it is completely free.

Enjoy a Trendy Day filled with Trendy Ideas
for your Business and your Future.

Helpful links to Trendy Exact Match .com Domains
I hope you find the list below helpful and useful, helping you make the best choice for your destiny. Creating a life and website you will love and enjoy.

Agency and Consulting Domain Names

Beauty and Cosmetics Domain Names

E-Commerce and Retail

Fashion and Clothing


Food and Drink

Health and Wellness

Marketing and Advertising

Tech, Internet and Software

Trendy Names Spark Trendy Ideas
Trendy Names Spark Trendy Ideas


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